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Free Shipping for Orders Above ₹700* within Bangalore

Sprouted Almonds- Blanched (Without Skin)


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Sprouted Almonds- Blanched (Without Skin)

Our almonds are sprouted in a sterile environment and dehydrated to preserve the nut and it’s goodness for an extended period of time.


Remember the time our mother’s used to soak almonds for us to eat every morning?
We all know that sprouted nuts are super charged nuts also known as activated almonds. If you don’t, you should know that sprouting nuts enhances the nut’s antioxidants and amino acids. But then, sprouting is a process and in our busy daily lives time is a precious commodity. So, we decided to do the hard work of sprouting the nuts so you could have sprouted nuts anytime without the trouble of sprouting them yourself.
The soaking process for sprouting also significantly reduces the mineral content of the almond. We are happy to do the hard work your mother did, so you can reap the benefits.

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