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Raw Sunflower Seeds – Shelled


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Raw Sunflower Seeds – Shelled

Sunflower seeds in some eastern European countries are their favourite snack. Now with an ever growing health conscious population around the world healthy snacks are in. Everybody loves snacking and nothing wrong with that of its healthy snacking.



Raw sunflower seeds that are shelled are perfect for baking multi grain bread. Raw sunflower seeds are perfect to add into your oat meal or yoghurt with other dry fruits. Sprinkling shelled sunflower seeds on your brunch salad can add a crunchy boost of fibre, and protein.
Raw sunflower seeds are a convenient, healthy and filling snack for children and adults alike. Raw sunflower seeds are rich in minerals.
Did you know? A single sunflower head may contain up to 2,000 seeds.

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  1. niveditha

    These sunflower seeds are fresh and crunchy, a perfect snack for any occasion.

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