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Free Shipping for Orders Above ₹700* within Bangalore

Goan Cashew – Split ( 4 pcs)


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Goan Cashew – Split ( 4 pcs)

These are mostly sought after by home cooks, chefs and those who are looking to add them in the cooking or baking process. No reason to get whole cashews and break them. These are perfect for pasting for cooking recipes or garnish.


Goa is known for its sun kissed beaches and laid back Goan lifestyle. But did you know some of he largest cashew kernels come from Goa? Goa is the home of some of the best cashew nuts available in India and the world.
The western ghats are known for a lot of things like beautiful monsoon rains and rolling lush green hills. In those hills grow some of the best cashews. Like a lot of other nuts, Brazil is where cashew nuts originated.
Cashew Nuts in India have easily been the most commonly consumed nut. Be it, them being used in cooking over centuries, cashew based festival sweets or as a snack.
Cashews are especially rich in unsaturated fats, the category of fats linked to a lowering risk of premature death related to heart disease.

It is also commonly called as Kaju in India.

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