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Raisin (Black – seedless)


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Raisin (Black – seedless)

Goingnuts scours the earth to bring you the best dry fruits and nuts. Our black raisins in particular are sourced from some of the most difficult corners, like Afghanistan. Yes, our black raisins are naturally dried raisins from Afghanistan. Carefully chosen to bring our customers only the best from around the world. Because not all raisins were made equally.


These are the seedless variety which are apt for use in baking or desserts. The mugfuls used them even in savoury dishes, like their Biryani and other specialities.
Since they are naturally dried they go through minimum artificial processing. It’s as close to natural as we can get to afghani grapes. Since they are sun-dried they tend to have a dry texture, which is what makes them perfect for adding in muffins and other baking ideas.
The fibre in Raisins work to lower bad cholesterol. They are also rich in potassium.

It is also commonly called as Black Kishmish,Kala Kishmish in India.

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