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Dry ginger is technically just fresh ginger that has been dried out. But, both dry and fresh ginger are used differently. Fresh ginger is mostly used for cooking, but dry ginger can play as a wonderful substitute if you know how to use it and it has its advantages.
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Dry ginger is more commonly used for baking. If you are making mulled wine you should try adding a pinch of dry ginger. Dry ginger (Shunti – In Kannada) is one of the most commonly used herbs in Ayurveda. Dry ginger is used both externally and internally. Externally for arthritis and it is consumed as a cure for anything from coughs and colds to indigestion.
The drink and grinding process of ginger increases the potency of some compounds in ginger, like Shogoals that have immense medicinal benefits.
It is also commonly called as Adarak in India.
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