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Alu Bukhura


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Alu Bukhura

Alu Bukhara is a Persian term for plum. This is a specific kind of plum that is eaten most as a dry fruit. These fruits are grown now in different parts of the world. The are known for the perfect mixture of sweet and sour taste and being just pulpy enough for one to enjoy. Alu Bukhara is a kind of prune.


There are parts of the world where they are used instead of raisins in spiced rice dishes and meat based curries. The fruit is low in fat and high in dietary fibre, and also rich in iron content.
In certain countries expecting mothers are given All Bukhara to alleviate morning sickness. The sweet sour taste is supposed to help and also the mother benefits from the fruits vitamins and minerals.

It is also commonly called as Aloo bukhara in India.

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