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Free Shipping for Orders Above ₹700* within Bangalore

Sliced Cranberries


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Sliced Cranberries

Sliced cranberries are everything our dry cranberries are sliced to make them easy to use in salads, as garnish or as part of you weekend baking endevour.


Most of the world today consumes cranberries as dried cranberries. They are used to give trail mixes the tang and sweet that make healthy mixes tasty too. Dried cranberries paid wonderfully with nuts, helping cut the dry nutty texture with some sweet fruity texture and taste. No Christmas turkey is complete without cranberry sauce. But the world has gotten more creative with cranberries than just cranberry sauce.
Dried cranberries are rich in some plant compounds that help prevent urinary tract infections. Dried cranberries are a good choice for athletes and sportsmen and women because they help relieve muscle cramps

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