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Free Shipping for Orders Above ₹700* within Bangalore

Raisin Yellow Premium


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Raisin Yellow Premium

The most plump raisins are chosen to make our premium yellow raisins. Raisins are probably one of the oldest dry fruit known to man. The fibre in Raisins work to lower bad cholesterol. They are also rich in potassium.



Those delicious bits floating in the Kheer your grandmother made, those that broke the delicious monotony of many an Indian dessert. Raisins are one of them.
The Yellow raisin get’s it colour from the drying and dehydrating process. This process unlike raisins dried in the sun, which is usually done over weeks, keeps the plumpness of the grapes and imparts the golden or yellow colour. Also, this process preserves the grapes for a long time. These versatile delicious things can make your after, during or before workout mix healthier and tastier. The pair well with other dry fruits and nuts to make healthy snacks for children.

It is also commonly called as  Premium Kishmish in India.

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