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Raisin – Munakka (With-Seed)

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Munakka or Munakka raisins, call them what you want, they are plain delicious. Munakka is more preferred to eat as a snack because of the lack of tart and are just plain sweet. Our Munakka though comes from Afghanistan. Let’s say its the best of both worlds.

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People wonder what the difference between raisins and Munakka are? Well, they aren’t the same for sure. Raisins have a tinge of tart while Munakka are all sweet and certainly more juicy. They look different too. Munakka are plump and round almost while raisins are shriveled and sort of long.
Ayurveda tends to prefer Munakka over raisins. Mostly because, raisins are believed to have originated elsewhere, while Munakka has roots in India.

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