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Quinoa Seeds


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Quinoa Seeds

Quinoa is an amazing gluten free seed that is great substitute for rice and other grains. Another wonder seed that originated from south America.


United Nations declared 2013 the ‘International Year of Quinoa’. Quinoa was already in every health conscious persons lips and this helped it further popularise this amazing seed.
The whole vegan movement was one of the reasons that Quinoa reached the heights it did. Also the fact that more people are gluten allergic or just looking for gluten free options.
Quinoa is a seed and not a grain, though also of use are using the seed as a grain alternative. Quinoa’s high magnesium coated also makes it a healthy food for people with or at risk for type 2 diabetes — the condition is frequently linked to magnesium deficiency.

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  1. umesh pai

    Couldn’t be happier with my purchase of quinoa seeds, they were exactly what I was looking for. loved it.

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