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Pistachio (Peshawari Original Breed),without shell


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Pistachio (Peshawari Original Breed),without shell

Pistachios have the highest content of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are key antioxidants for eye health. The good stuff in pistachio are easily absorbed in the stomach during the digestion process. They are used both as an ingredient and as garnish.


Pistachio originated from the area that is now Turkey, Iran and Syria. The hanging gardens of Babylon are supposed to have had pistachio trees. Also, of the only two nuts mentioned in the old testament, pistachio is one of them. It it was good enough for the Bible, it’s probably great for us.
Until the end of the second world war pistachios were not a part of most common people’s diet. Now it is and we should make the best of this green nutty gem. Most middle easter dessert recipes contain pistachio.

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