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Pine Nuts ( Without Shell)

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These little nuts are nutritional powerhouses and an excellent source of energy.

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“These little nuts are nutritional powerhouses and an excellent source of energy. Of particular benefit to vegetarians, pine nuts are a good source of protein, containing around 1/3 of the required amount every day in just a single serving. Protein is the building block of almost every part of the body, including hair, nails, cartilage, muscles and skin. So a good source of healthy protein is essential for a healthy body.Pine nuts are chock full of minerals that have a host of health benefits. And apparently, pine nuts have a long history as a Natural Viagra! The Roman poet Ovid (a vegetarian) in his work ‘The Art of Love’ selected ‘the nuts that the sharp-leafed pine brings forth’ as an effective and powerful aphrodisiac.” They are heart healthy, build stronger bones, rich in Vitamin A, C, D, iron, boost immunity and offer antioxidant protection. If you want to look and feel younger than your age, pine nuts can help slow down the aging process. Typically, free radicals are produced either when the body breaks down food or when you are exposed to environmental hazards, such as tobacco smoke or radiation. The high antioxidant content in these seeds protects cells from damage due to free radicals, says The copper content present in pine nuts can also prevent aging.


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