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Nutmeg is a spice that has an abundance of antioxidants and essential oils. Most people prefer them in the powdered form but if you are that kind of person that likes the real thing, than an excuse, that’s why you are on our site we would assume. The best way is to buy them as seed and then grate or powder them as necessary since you have all the freshness, flavour and intensity intact.


Nutmegs originated in Indonesia, but are now used across the world. They are used now in a lot of Indian cuisine and continental cuisine too. Baking enthusiasts use them for pastries and puddings. They are used to garnish and flavour eggnogs. This Christmas you might want to surprise your friends serving one.
Wild Javitri : Wild javitri or wild mace flower is a by-product of collecting nutmeg seeds. Wild javitri is the covering of the nutmeg seed.
While like a lot of there spices Javitri can be found both powdered and whole form, we recommend the whole form. In Indian cuisine wild Javitri is used mostly with other spices and is used whole. This spice like many other are used carefully so it complements the taste of other ingredients, else it can overpower them.
Some Ayurvedic preparations use Javitri for removing mucus because of its mucolytic properties. Wild Javitri is also used to balance the blood sugar levels and to treat urinary tract infections.
Ah! No, nutmeg and mace are not the same spice.
It is also commonly called as Jaayphal in India

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