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Naturally Dehydrated Strawberries (No added Sugar no added preservatives)

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All the goodness of strawberries and only the goodness of strawberries and no frills. They are perfect to add to your dessert for that special occasion. That health morning cereal just got a lot better and tastier with a dash out naturally dehydrated strawberries.

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Who doesn’t like strawberries? We don’t know anyone. The French, of course it’s the French, they grew the first strawberry as we know the fruit today. Well, it it even a fruit? That’s a discussion we’d leave for another sunny day.You could find strawberries, you could even find dry strawberries, but you’d be hard pressed to find naturally dehydrated strawberries, with no sugar added and no colour added like the ones we have.
Did you know strawberries have a very low glycemic index which makes it mostly safe for people with diabetes.

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