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Dry Kokum


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Dry Kokum

Dry kokum, the dry version of Kokum (Garcinia indica, a plant in the mangosteen family. The Mangosteen fruit is consumed very differently from how Kokum is consumed. The outer shell of the Kokum fruit is dried and preserved to be used later. We source some of the best Kokum available in the country.


Anyone one who has travelled the western ghats would be familiar with this tart fruit and the dishes that it makes possible. If you have spend a summer day in the western ghat you would have come across the Kokum sherbet to the ‘solkadi’ made with Kokum and coconut milk.
There is a lot of research that shows that Kokum can help repair liver damage.
Also, kokum and it’s extracts is becoming a rage among athletes for recovery, because of its proven super anti inflammatory properties.
It is also commonly called as Garcinia indica in India.

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