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Dry Fig (Premium)


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Dry Fig (Premium)

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Figs are can be argued to be the perfect dry fruit. A perfect balance between sugar, texture, flavour and uses. They are the in-between of raisins, dates and another dry fruit and are very versatile. Best suited for making snacking.


Dry Figs can be used in shakes and smoothies, they can be used in desserts, they can eaten directly as a snack. Date fans would be surprised to know that figs captain far lesser sugar than dates do. Figs are low in calories and high in fibre.
Figs originated in the middle east. People believe, in the garden of Eden, the fruit that Eve ate was a fig and not an apple. Thats’s how far back the history of the fig goes.
Dry Figs keep for long and are perfect for sports persons to carry for healthy snacking and it has all the nutrients necessary for performance sports. It’s for good reason that a lot of the energy bars are built on a fig base.

It is also commonly called as Anjeer in India.

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