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Chia seeds

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Chia is believed to have first from in what is now Mexico. It is supposes to has been one of the primary source of food for the Aztecs. Today Chia seeds are known as a ‘super food’ also a ‘functional food’. ‘Functional foods’ are food items that are more than their sum total of the nutritional value. They benefit us and our bodies in other ways.

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May food items are sold merely based on the benefit that the chia seed added in them provides. Few are aware of this. Chia seeds and basil seeds are almost identical in nature are sometimes used in place of the other. Chia seeds are added in soups to thicken then. Since the seed is almost tasteless, it does not affect the taste of the dis it’s being added to.
Did you know that chia seeds can replace eggs in baking?

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