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Charoli Seeds / Nuts (Chironji)


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Charoli Seeds / Nuts (Chironji)

Charoli trees from which the Charoli seeds are collected are native to India. It’s also called the ‘Almondette tree’. The Charoli seed is relatively common term mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. Charoli seeds are used often in health mixes to trail mixes.


Chiroli seeds are used in Ayurvedic preparations that are used to cure anything from fever to urinary tract infections. It is also used to cure intestinal infections and improve complexion. The Chiroli seed can be roasted an consumed directly or it can be powdered and used for cooking anything from curries to mea dishes. It is also used as a snack by the health conscious. Charoli has a high protein content almost 6 times the amount of protein that peanuts have.

It is also commonly called as Chironji in India.

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  1. priya madhav

    I decided to try Charoli Seeds for the first time and ordered them online. The seeds were fresh and the taste is amazing.

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