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Khurmani- Apricot – Sundried Diced


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Khurmani- Apricot – Sundried Diced

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Apricot (Khurmani – Chopped) Best suited for baking, garnishing and cooking.
Apricots are one of the most sought after dry fruits in the regions of the world that have a
history of appreciating dry fruits, like Asia and the middle east.


How are Apricots Dried

These apricots are naturally dried and have no sulphur dioxides added. Therefor they are a little
more dry but just as healthy. This is the way traditional dry apricots were consumed.

They are sweet, juicy yet a dry fruit and are very healthy. Dehydrated apricots have a higher concentration of nutrients than fresh apricots. Dried apricots have more potassium, iron and calcium
Apricots are one fruit whose origins are lost in time.

Most of today’s apricots come from Turkey, but California is not far behind.

Health Benefits of Aprictos

Dehydrated apricots contain a very high concentration of vitamin A and C. Apricots have soluble fibre which helps in reducing blood cholesterol.

How to Consume Apricots

Dehydrated apricots are mostly used as a direct snack but there’s no reason not to get creative with them. They can be added to smoothies or summer salads.

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