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Almond Premium – Salted & Roasted


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Almond Premium – Salted & Roasted

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The goodness of almonds pair perfectly with almost anything. Roasted to perfection in our in-house facility to bring home to you crunchy goodness. For some the complex mêlée of spices may seem to overpower their taste buds. That’s why we have the in- house roasted and delicately salted Almonds. They make for wonderful snacks for old and young.


Few nuts found their way into poetry and folklore like almonds did and it’s for good reason. Even Bollywood has references of pretty eyes being compared to almonds, sure they do!
Actually, almonds are not nuts but seeds. Seeds or nuts – almonds are a healthy
replacement for junk snacks for both children and adults. Loaded with nutrition and mostly good fats, a closed fist full of almonds would do wonders for anyone’s health.

It is also commonly called as Baadaam,badam in India.

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