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Almond – Irani Mamra (Original Breed) – Raw


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Almond – Irani Mamra (Original Breed) – Raw

Of the different kinds of Almonds, none of them being made the same, Mamra Almonds are the most sought after. They are the king of all Almonds. Of the best these are the ‘Best’.


Today a lot of plants are hybrid and have lost their original characteristics and are made to suit new growing conditions and to have higher yields to cater to demand. These Irani Mamra are not. They are the original breed and not hybrid.
The good stuff for which Almonds are sought after are packed to the brim in Mamra Almonds. For example, Mamra Almonds have almost 50% of oil. Irani Mamra Almonds are packed dense with nutrients. They are high in antioxidants.
These simply are the best almonds that can be found out there.

It is also commonly called as Baadaam,badam in India.

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