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Almond – Indian Mamra (Natural Mix of Sweet and Bitter Almonds)

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Mamra Almonds were originally from Afghanistan and Iran. Now they are grown in other parts of the world, India being one of them. These have a unique flavour profile, Mamra Almonds come mixed, bitter almonds and sweet almonds.

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Of the different kinds of Almonds, none of them being made the same, Mamra Almonds are the most sought after. They are the king of all Almonds. The good stuff for which Almonds are sought after are packed to the brim in Mamra Almonds. For example, Mamra Almonds have almost 50% of oil. While other Almonds probably have half the amount.
Actually, almonds are not nuts but seeds. Seeds or nuts – almonds are a healthy
replacement for junk snacks for both children and adults. Loaded with nutrition and mostly good fats, a closed fist full of almonds would do wonders for anyone’s health.

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