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Almond Flour (Without skin)

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Remember, there is only one ingredient in our Almond flour and thats Almond. In a time when a lot of us are looking for a healthier diet and a healthier way to live, Almond flour is one way to stay on the path to good health.

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Almond flour, since it’s made only with almonds it has all the goodness of almonds. Almond flour is used to as a healthy alternative to other flour. It can be mixed with other flours. Our Almond Flour is made with only the best blanched almonds.
Almond flour is a gluten free flour and therefore a great gluten free flour option.
You could use almond flour along with your pancake mix for a delicious yet very healthy pancake. You could use them in your cookies and brownies too.
The options are innumerable. Did you know the French macaron is made from almond flour?

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