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Free Shipping for Orders Above ₹700* within Bangalore


Almond – California [Raw]
960.00 incl. GST


15.00960.00 incl. GST

Almond – California [Raw]
960.00 incl. GST

We don’t stock just any almond, we source the best almonds. Loaded with nutrition and mostly good fats, a closed fist full of almonds would do wonders for anyone’s health.


Few nuts found their way into poetry and folklore like almonds did and it’s for good reason. Even Bollywood has references of pretty eyes being compared to almonds, sure they do!
Actually, almonds are not nuts but seeds. Seeds or nuts – almonds are a healthy replacement for junk snacks for both children and adults. We recommend you soak them overnight to get the most of this amazing snack.
It is also commonly called as Baadaam,badam in India.

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2 reviews for Almond – California [Raw]
960.00 incl. GST

  1. Prasath

    I hv ordered many products in Goingnuts and one of the best is California Almonds. It’s so fresh. I bought it especially for my parents and they really loved it when compared to the product that we buy in markets. Real value for money. A must buy product for the one who is health conscious.

  2. Premjit Premachandran

    I am proud customer of GoingNuts from 10years and have been buying from them every month due to the quality of the products and the care with which the products are packed and delivered.. I have never had to return anything due to faulty product packing or delivery… The California Almonds is one product that my parents and kids keep reminding for repeated orders.. and we enjoy having this Almonds both as quick bites or in our payasam and cakes… And literally we have Gone Nuts on GoingNuts products

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