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Basil seeds

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Basil, always brings to mind the comforting smell of pizza garnish and thereby pizza. Basil is healthy and so are basil seeds.

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Basil seeds when not soaked look almost like sesame seeds. They are entirely different though, if there is a seed with similar character it the Chia seed.
Basil seeds are healthy and versatile. They can be used in refresher drinks on hot sunny afternoons and they can be used are natural thickeners in curries too. It helps that they are almost flavourless.
For centuries Basil seed has been used in Ayurvedic medicine. They are used to treat heat related issues in hot weather places. They also go by the name ‘sabja’.
Basil seeds have plenty of fibre, the chewy texture makes it a fun and healthy addition to beverages for children.

It is also commonly called as Tulasi seed in India.

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