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GoingNuts is passion for nuts in a nutshell! Our team wholeheartedly strives to bring the finest quality nuts to your doorstep and a lot of effort goes into ensuring this. From procuring the finest quality picks from across the world to packaging it in a perfect way to impress our elite customers – everything is done with a whole lot of love! The idea behind GoingNuts is to simplify the idea of bringing a healthy diet in your lifestyle. We are more than just nuts though! From trail mix to baking essentials to spices, we offer all this in its best quality. So here you go, GoingNuts has made buying the choicest quality nuts and spices accessible at your fingertips, all you gotta do is choose from the myriad of segments, add to the cart and the rest is taken care of!

Not just bettering your lifestyle with premium quality dried fruits, GoingNuts also have a unique blend of surprising components packaged in a humble and eco friendly manner that’s perfect for gifting purposes. These gifts mean something else, not that you want to brag or flaunt, but to show that you care about the person receiving the gift as well as the environment around you.


Our Team

Kartik Ram (Co-Founder)

Karthik Ram, a veteran in the IT industry, laid the foundation to GoingNuts. Having done his Masters in Commerce, he spent a good part of a decade as an Analyst before he decided to jump ship to the Healthy foods market. He wanted to bring in something new, interesting and nutritious. With his experience in analytics, he studied and understood the market and found the missing part in healthy eating. With the busy lifestyle people lead in these days, he realised healthy snacking could be incorporated into their lives without much effort in the form of nuts and that is how GoingNuts came to be.

Also being new to this industry, Karthik Ram experimented a little in the beginning, testing waters with a few unique products. It was received very well and that was just the beginning to all the interesting products he would eventually launch. He is the sharp mind that does the entire R&D on new products that can be launched and keeps a check on how the market takes to them. He procures nuts from all over the world, bringing the word ‘global’ into the company. He also oversees the smooth running of operations in the organisation.

Alok Sargod (Co-Founder)

Alok Sargod, one of the co-founders, has seen Going Nuts right from its start to the thriving organisation it has become now. He has seen it take baby steps and is the driving force behind this enthralling business. He has an impressive record in the capital markets, stock trading and advisory services. An Electronic engineer with an MBA in finance from Singapore under his belt and years of experience in the international private banking sector, this was his calling after returning to India in 2016. A good student throughout his academic life, he always aspired to do more and regarded the sky his limit. His stint with ANZ in Singapore prepared the road ahead for him to take on the role of a co-founder. He has also been a part of several organisations as an investor and imparted advisory services to others.

Alok Sargod’s contribution to Going Nuts has been tremendous on the Sales front. With excellent interpersonal skills, he has driven up sales to individuals and corporate firms, thus, bringing in good profits and sustainable revenue. His business and organisation skills have made him the chief strategist here and he can be usually found brainstorming to bring about something new all the time. He also takes care of the finances of the company and does an impeccable job of it. His commitment and enthusiasm is infectious and keeps all sectors functioning in sync with each other.

Youngest of the three co-founders, he lives with his wife, an interior designer, in Bangalore.

Sudha Mallena (Co-Founder)

Sudha has been an intergral part of the GoingNuts organisation since its inception. She has done more than her fair share in giving opportunities to women in need and including local industries in the daily business of the company. Having done her masters in the USA, she pursued her passion for engineering design management by working with multinational firms and as a consultant for US Government for 15 years. It was in 2011 that she decided to relocate to India along with her family. After working for Namma Metro in Bangalore for some time, she decided to take a leap of faith and become a co-founder at GoingNuts. Sudha brought something more than a business plan to the table. She is passionate about design and sustainability. And that’s the flavor she brings into every aspect of the business.

She is the brains behind the introduction of two new verticals in the organisation: Changes in Corporate Pantries and Sustainable Gifting.

She was disappointed to see how MNCs and start ups in the IT city had no more options in their pantries other than coffee, tea and biscuits. That is when she thought of collaborating with corporate organisations to infuse healthy options in their pantries. The idea was welcomed with open arms and our products can be found in numerous offices in Bangalore.

The wastage that gifting leaves behind is appalling. Sudha strongly believes that gift giving doesn’t have to come with a price that our future generations would have to pay for. This is when the ‘sustainable gifting from GoingNuts’ idea was born. She designs and sources eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically made products from different parts of India. She is also on a constant look out to tie up with local NGOs that make handmade products while making a social impact.

Sudha lives in Bangalore with her two daughters and husband.

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