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Vitamins, minerals, fiber, and amino acids abound in dry fruits and nuts, making them a must-have in a pregnant woman’s diet. Dry fruits can also swiftly satisfy hunger, which might be beneficial while pregnant. This renders them safe to eat throughout pregnancy, but like with anything else, excessive intake of dry fruits and nuts during pregnancy can lead to a variety of issues.

What are some nutritional values of Dry fruits?

Dry fruits are nutrient-dense and have a wide range of therapeutic benefits. They’re considered a delicacy, yet they’ve become a must-have due to their health benefits. Since dry fruits come in handy, you may take them with you and eat them whenever you need a jolt of energy or to fulfill your appetite. They’re also free of added sugars, cholesterol, and sodium, which is a huge plus. Dry fruits such as apricots, walnuts, and pistachios are recommended by health professionals for staying healthy.

Dry fruits offer a wide spectrum of therapeutic qualities due to their high nutritional content. Despite the fact that dry fruits are costly and regarded as a delicacy, the health benefits they bring make them valuable.

List of dry fruits &their nutritional advantages

Dried fruits are considered a great method to enhance your overall fruit and vegetable intake. Dried fruits should be consumed in moderation by pregnant women, while candied fruits should be avoided entirely. Dried fruits should be consumed alongside fresh fruits rather than in place of them.

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Here are some dry fruits that are healthy for you and your body:


Almonds are the most popular dry fruit, and they have numerous health benefits for people of all ages. It’s possible to consume them raw, soaking, or roasted. They’re used to treat heart disease, high blood sugar, and weight loss. Eat a small handful of soaked almonds every morning for the best effects in maintaining a healthy body.


This dried fruit is usually eaten as a snack because of its sweet and distinct flavor.  It is beneficial to the heart, diabetes, hemoglobin, and blood circulation. Pistachios are a fantastic choice for individuals who have an insatiable appetite. Anti-inflammatory qualities are found in this dry fruit.


It’s often mistaken for a nut, but it’s actually a seed that can benefit your general health. This kidney-shaped seed can aid weight loss, cardiovascular health, and blood sugar control.


This iron-rich, super-delicious dry fruit is ideal for the colder months. This nutrient-dense fruit comes in a variety of flavors; you may eat it alone or add it to a dessert.


Fresh, roasted, or mashed into a paste, this sweet-flavored nut is popular. It’s even used in Nutella, a chocolate spread.


They are usually eaten raw after discarding the shell, but they can also be added to salads, breakfast cereals, baked goods, and pasta. You can include them in your everyday diet due to their numerous advantages. The fatty acids in walnuts may aid weight loss and cardiovascular health.


Raisins are also known in India as Kishmish. Sugars, fats, proteins, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals are all abundant in this traditionally delicious dried fruit.


Prune is nothing more than a dried plum that is high in nutrients and has numerous health advantages. Prunes have several healthy components that you can’t ignore, despite their high sugar level. It will fulfill your sweet taste while also benefiting your health.

Dry Figs 

The tasty green or purple covering of this unusual fruit is covered in hundreds of small seeds. Figs have moderate, sweet flavor and are high in nutrients.

This is a generic information. Please consult your doctor before deciding on pregnancy diet.

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