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Almond – Indian Mamra (Original Breed) – Raw

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Considered very useful for both mental and physical development of human body, almonds are rightly termed the ?king? of nuts.

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Considered very useful for both mental and physical development of human body, almonds are rightly termed the ?king? of nuts. Unsaturated fats present in the chemical constitution of almonds gift them good medicinal properties. Almonds are known to help human body prevent cancer and a good source of calcium. Almond have a proven role in improving heart health The origin of Almonds are from the Persian belt to India. There are few varieties of Almonds which are healthier than the other varieties of Almonds like Gurbandhi, Indian Mamra. The very difference between is, Irani Mamra is rich in oil and Indian Mamra is rich in Milk. However, both are higher in nutrition than the regular California Almonds for sure. California Almonds are well tested and proven to have higher nutritional value, be it protein content,Vitamin A,B,E or Omega 3 Fatty acids. In comparison, Mamra Almonds have a higher in Nutrition. Indian Mamra Almonds are not notice much in the markets, as they contains a portion of bitter almonds. Taste wise, there is no comparison. California Almonds are sweet and suitable for every application. Mamras may turn out to be bitter to the extent that some kernels may be rancid. The question related to mamra Almonds organically grown can be answered in a very simple manner. Organic Plantations and handling facilities are strictly regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture, Almond Board of California and the local agricultural commissioners. A slight deviation from the mandated norms or guidelines may cause a farm or handling facility to loose its organic certification. We cannot comment upon the growing , handling or food safety practices followed in Iran. However, the use of chemical over Almond plantation in Iran should be lot lesser as most of the growers in Iran practice perma-culture agriculture methods (Traditional methods) against the mordernized agriculture methods. Goingnuts brings you the finest ?Almond Mamra (Raw) ? Premium? Preferred way of Consumption Almonds can be eaten on its own. Serves better when soaked in plain water overnight and consumed. Peal the skin and have it just before breakfast. Indian Mamra Almonds are rich in Milk, however, it is good to leave the almonds in water for five minutes, add a drop of lime juice. In another 15 mins all the bitter almonds will float and the sweet almonds will remain at the bottom, a traditional science to remove better almonds. Now, the almonds are good for prepare milk. Refrigeration required for Mamra Almonds, due to high oil content these almonds may go rancid, it is important to store these almonds in Refrigerator. For Your Information: There may be few bitter almonds, and some kernels may be rancid. Indian Mamra Almonds are one of the closest Almonds to organic. By nature, the same tree will produce both sweet, bitter and half grown almonds.


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