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Free Shipping for Orders Above ₹700* within Bangalore

A deadly virus here and an incurable disease there. We are surrounded by diseases all around and we are the ones responsible to safeguard us from them. Our body has a fighting mechanism in the form of white blood cells. Unfortunately, there are diseases which cannot be fought against with the natural mechanisms of our body.

So, what can we do? We can supplement our body with foods which are rich in nutrients and fibres. This will boost our immunity and will enhance our capacity to fight against diseases.

Dry fruits are an age-old method of improving immunity and have been recommended by many scientists, doctors and researchers. Numerous researches have been dedicated to finding the exact effects of various dry fruits for immunity. There has emerged evidence to claim the superb effects of immunity-boosting dry fruits. They improve your health and overall wellbeing.

Here is a list of dry fruits for immunity which you can add to your diet:

  1. Almonds

Rather than consuming snacks which are high on sugar and fatty acids you can take almonds. They are a healthy option when compared to other alternatives to snacking. With zero cholesterol level and superior anti-oxidant levels, almonds become a good choice as a dry fruit for immunity.

How do almond benefit your health?
Almonds help in mitigating the heart-related problems and artery disorders.

Constipation, a very common issue with middle-aged people these days, can also be relieved through regular consumption of almonds.

Because of constant exposure to impure air, respiratory problems have increased in cities. This can be avoided by empowering your immune system through almonds. Moreover, almonds are highly nutritious for our hair growth, skin and teeth.

A very crucial vitamin for the immune system is vitamin E. Vitamin E is present in almonds in high quantity. Along with vitamins they are a source of iron and protein with further enhances the immunity of the body.

  1. Cashews

These nuts are a storehouse of health benefits, thus, a big boon for your immune system as well. Vitamin E and B6 are present in high amounts in chews. Therefore, cashews are a wonderful dry fruit for immunity boosting.

The most interesting thing about cashews is that they can be paired with any dish that you make. Be it a nutritious soup or a tasty dessert, cashews can add texture and flavour to it.

Thee extraordinary health benefits of cashews have been realized recently but they are useful and that is important.

What are the health benefits of cashews?

Cashews are free from cholesterol and are good for your heart. They improve the blood circulation in your blood vessels reducing the risk of heart attacks.

There are some minerals which are good for immune systems. Some of these are copper and zinc. Cashews are a rich source of these two minerals in specific. You can easily buy dry fruits online and enjoy their numerous health benefits.

  1. Raisins

Raisins are a product of prolonged dehydration of grapes. They are used in a variety of foods for increasing taste as well as nutritional value.

They are recognized as digestion improving dry fruits. Snacking on raisins can be useful for reducing overeating and binge eating.

Raising has anti-inflammatory properties which increase your resistance to diseases. Along with this raisin anti-infectious saving you from fever, infections, communicable diseases etc. Getting into some details, raisin is a good source of iron, vitamin B, potassium, Carbohydrates and minerals.

A small number of raisins are recommended by doctors as a dry fruit for immunityBuy dry fruits online and start improving your health today.

  1. Walnuts

Who doesn’t know about the health benefits of walnuts? They are known as a brain dry fruit but do you know, walnuts are also ideal for your immune system. These are delightful as well as healthy which makes them a great combo.

A complete and nutrition-rich dry fruit with a high content of Omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, walnuts are your life saviours in these hard times. Moreover, walnuts have also been considered as reducing the risk of cancer.

  1. Pistachios

Pistachios are a good source of many nutrients such as potassium and magnesium. They also contain fibres and vitamin B-6 in high quality.

They are low in calories and do not add to your daily limit of calorie intake. Pistachios are good dry fruits for immunity as they are rich in antioxidant and reduce the wear and tear of your organs.

They are known to mitigate the risk of cancer also. They improve your eye health and protect them from harsh substances present in the air.

Weight control is also a feature of pistachios which further improves your immunity level.

  1. Dates

Dates are a good associate of health food. They are combined with various dishes and are consumed in raw form also. They are considered as a dry fruit for immunity improvement because of the rich presence of vitamins, proteins and minerals.

They are used in treating amnesia, constipation and other similar body ailments.

Dates are high in anti-oxidant and save your organs from free radicals. With potassium and sodium in their nutrition factor, they improve the nervous system of the body too.

You can mix and match dates with various kinds of fruit desserts also.

  1. Apricots

Apricots are a rich source of vitamin C which the human body cannot produce naturally. They are known to save the organs from the damage of free radicals with high anti-oxidant levels.

A single serving of apricots is good for improving levels of potassium, copper and vitamin E. Regular consumption is good for eyes, nervous system and immunity of the body.

Summers are the best time to consume apricots.

These 7 dry fruits for immunity can have wonderful effects for the body and its various parts. You can include these in small proportions in your regular diet and see the visible changes in a few days. You can buy these dry fruits online to save time and money and improving your health alongside.

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